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© ENSAG - All rights reserved


Coming to Grenoble

Reception of foreign students

There is a considerable number of foreign students at the school: they represent 20% of the total school population, or 200 students and consist of either students moving through an exchange for one year or a semester (20%) or students attending a full course in Grenoble. They represent about 50 nationalities.

foreign students 2018-2019

Photo of the foreign students in 2018-2019 (download in hi res)

A drinks party is held annually at the school to welcome them. These students also have the opportunity to attend an open house hosted by AGERA (School Association in the RhĂ´ne-Alpes region) and an induction day prepared by students of the school.

Admission of foreign students as part of an exchange program (Erasmus or other agreements)

ENSAG accepts exchange students for the third year of the Bachelor or the first year of the Masters.

Accepted students must choose their architectural design project course during either the Bachelor's third year or the 1st year of the Masters.

All other lectures are open to exchange students (except the 1st year).


Students applying for an exchange must :

These documents, and the required annexes, must be sent by postal mail,

Information documents :

Admission of international students outside an exchange program

See the admission requirements page.

Contacts :

Salima Kerkoub
Tel : +33 476 698 313

CĂ©cile Mollion
Tel : +33 476 698 461