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© ENSAG - All rights reserved



The latest university reforms turned internships into a major mandatory part of the student's record.

The idea is to allow students to understand the reality of an architecture firm, but also to look at the diversity of careers and practices in architecture.

Therefore, field experience, vocational courses and observation periods will be emphasized in various areas: construction companies, architecture firms, local authority, and association, study office, etc. These multiple internships throughout the student's curriculum will be a chance for him/her to open up new horizons: for instance doing an internship where architects are still rare but where they have opportunities to express themselves, or maybe go abroad and discover architecture outside France.

These internships should also facilitate the emergence of a real career strategy to approach, as a graduate architect, project management or a specialisation/research program.

Internships are part of a broader system (Act of March 31, 2006 for equal opportunities) summarised in the training guide available on the Ministry of Higher Education and Research website.

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