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© ENSAG - All rights reserved


Research potential

Since the early eighties, ENSAG has been involved in architectural and urban research and is now one of the most important research centres in architecture schools.

ENSAG has four research units evaluated in January 2010 by AERES :

The Centre for research on sound space and urban environment (CRESSON) bases its culture of architectural research on a sensitive and situated approach of environmental phenomena by focusing first on the sound space. Using physical, spatial and sensitive data (audio, visual, kinaesthetic, tactile, climate, etc.), it develops specific research methodologies. It has been associated since 1992 with CERMA from ENSA Nantes to form the “Architectural and urban atmospheres” Research Centre (CNRS/MCC).

The research theme covers three common subjects :

The Architecture, Environment and Constructive Cultures (AE&CC) unit incorporated the CRAterre - ENSAG and Cultures Constructives lab in January 2011.

The research and application areas studied include :

The Careers in the history of Architecture, building, cities, territory (MHA-evt) lab focuses on critical history impulse to invent the necessary developments for present and future architectural projects. By studying architectural thinking, and taking into account its specificity, this lab plays on the seemingly contradictory double temporality of architecture: the long history of architectural culture that must be continually renewed, and the rapid transformations of society that must be anticipated by experimenting new project methods.

From this objective, the lab develops a research activity based on 6 themes :

This well structured theoretical field allows an in-depth look at architectural knowledge by confronting questions raised by different cultures in different historical contexts. This study feeds the relationship between theory and project endlessly repeated by new needs in society.

The Architecture, Landscape, Mountain (APM) team focuses on :

ENSAG also has two emerging research teams.

Contact :

Hélène Casalta

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