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The School

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© ENSAG - All rights reserved


Educational innovation

With the experience of practitioners and skilled teacher-researchers, the Grenoble School offers students both a professional and an academic education that combines theory, practice and experimentation.

The school is concerned with training both critical and constructive architects while preparing for the evolution of the profession and the diversity of practicing modes and is open to social and environmental issues. Through virtual and analogical approaches to design in addition to experimentation in technical and academic workshops, the school develops an innovative curriculum focusing on both design and construction.

The Grenoble School of Architecture initiated the Grands Ateliers de l'Isle d'Abeau, a centre of constructive experimentation and innovation, and favors issues such as constructive culture, interior design, and territorial design and planning.

The creation at Grenoble's school of a UNESCO chair "Earthen architecture, constructive cultures and sustainability" testify to its international activity in cultural, scientific and professional fields.