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The School

© Ville de Grenoble

© Ville de Grenoble


The School and its environment

ENSAG, the building ENSAG, the building

Initially built in 1976 by Roland Simounet and Michel Charmont, the Grenoble national school of architecture underwent renovation and extension in 1998 supervised by the winning team Antoine Félix-Faure - Philippe Macary – Dominique Page.

Built in the area of La Villeneuve in Grenoble the school benefits both economically and academically from an exceptional location in the heart of the mountains and at the confluence of three valleys.

Grenoble, an Olympic city in 1968, experienced a leap forward in the 1920s with the development of hydroelectric power (houille blanche). Since then the city has continued to maintain and develop its vocation as centre of excellence in leading edge industry. The first French centre of research after Paris, Grenoble is a true laboratory and the school, the city and the RhĂ´ne-Alpes region work together to promote innovation.

At a European scientific crossroads, Grenoble is also a very important university centre with more than 60,000 students. It is one of the six cities selected as part of the Campus operation program within the national modernization plan for French universities.

Grenoble National School of Architecture (ENSAG) is an associated member of the University of Grenoble research consortium.

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