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© ENSAG - All rights reserved


The Grands Ateliers
de l'Isle d'Abeau

These Workshops aim to gather architects, engineers and artists in one place, working together to design, develop and produce training modules, research works or dissemination projects for their knowledge and skills in materials, construction and quality living space.

Experimenting with space and understanding construction

For students, working at the Grands Ateliers means applying in practical terms the theoretical notions acquired in class and mastering elements of design developed at school that can be tested full scale. Physically experimenting at the Great Workshops provides kinaesthetic perceptive references and other representation modes that are totally complementary to the widely used graphical or digital representations.

Manipulating materials means at the same time

Erecting a structure enables students to

Building full-scale housing prototypes enables students to test their physical and psychological perception of space and materials, to verify the technical feasibility of a computer designed project and appreciate the skills required to build complex structures.

Actually building after designing enables the students to identify design mistakes, correct them, improve the initial proposals and to enrich the project often through simplification.

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