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School specific qualifications

During the 2nd cycle
DPEA "Design for Architecture"

The DPEA "Design for Architecture" is a specialized degree in design offered by the Grenoble School of Architecture for students with a degree (Bachelor) and post-graduate students (Masters) coming from architecture, art or applied art schools and universities.

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During the 3rd cycle
DSA "Earthen Architecture"
(Specialization degree)

This course provides students with scientific and technical knowledge on earth materials, control of production processes and implementation techniques (economic housing development projects, preservation of heritage or habitat with high environmental value).

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Degrees awarded in partnership with the University

The "Territorial Sciences" masters degree

This course is organised by the Institut de Géographie Alpine (Institute of Alpine Geography) (Joseph Fourrier University) and the Institut d'Urbanisme (Town Planning Institute) in Grenoble (Pierre Mendès France University) in partnership with ENSAG.

The School is involved in four of the specialities in this Master’s course :

  1. "Urbanisme et projet urbain" (Town planning and urban projects)
  2. "Maîtrise d'ouvrage et management de patrimoine bâti - MOBAT" (Contracting and management of architectural heritage)
  3. "Urbanisme, habitat et coopération internationale" (Town Planning, Housing and International Cooperation)
  4. "Innovation et territoire" (Innovation and regions)

These specialties are organized over two years (M1 and M2). They are available on application to students in architecture :

Specialized courses in architecture

Summary tables of specialized courses in Architecture (Professional Masters degree, Research Masters degree, DSA, DPEA) are available on the website