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DERNI√ąRE MISE √Ä JOUR LE : 17/10/2019

Détail d'une conférence

Lundi 4 Novembre 2019

à 18h en Amphi Maglione

The good metropolis

Alexander Eisenschmidt
architecte, urbaniste, associate professor of architecture at the university of Illinois at Chicago

Alexander Eisenschmidt will introduce the topic of his recent book, The Good Metropolis, focusing on the productive tension between the city and architectural form.

The talk will reevaluate the relationship between these two realms in which architecture’s inherent predisposition toward form is often matched only by the city’s ability to avoid it. Eisenschmidt will explore fascinations with the modern city expressed by the architectural avant-garde and beyond, revealing how the forces of urbanization often served as a stimulant for architecture’s spatial imagination.


Xavier Crépin