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© ENSAG - tous droits réservés

DERNI√ąRE MISE √Ä JOUR LE : 27/04/2017

Détail d'une conférence

Mardi 25 Avril 2017

Architecture is participation

Susanne Hofmann, architecte enseignante, directrice de l'agence Die Baupiloten, Berlin

What does participation mean for architecture ? Does participation save time or money ? ... Susanne Hofmann will discuss the opportunities and limitations of participation in planning process. She explains a wide range of possibilities of participation, in which the focus is on communication about and by means of spatial atmospheres. Finally, the international projects from the architectural office Die Baupiloten BDA will be shown. The projects demonstrate how participation foms demanding architecture that is highly valued by the users.

Susanne Hofmann, is an architect and professor at the University Vienna. She is director of the architectural office Die Baupiloten BDA, an interdisciplinary practice that specializes in educational buildings and housing developed through unique participatory design strategies. Their work focuses on innovative experimental design that is driven by both a social and ecological agenda. During her PhD, she researched and developed "atmosphere as a participatory planning strategy" ("Atmosph√§re als partizipative Entwurfsstrategie"). In her recently released book "ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION" she illustrates ‚Äď through her research and the building projects of Die Baupiloten ‚Äď how users' participation can be successfully and productively implemented into the architectural design process. The focus of the work of die Baupiloten work lies in planing kindergardens, schools and social living-concepts.

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